DIY Honeymoon Keepsake

Are you like most Chicagoans getting married in the fall/winter so you booked that warm honeymoon on a beach? Well, a great way to immortalize that honeymoon vaca of a lifetime is to take some of that beach and memories home with you. Go to your local dollar store or goodwill and get a small vase, clear container with a lid, mason jar or even a clear ornament and then make sure you pack a sealable plastic bag in your luggage. While you’re basking in that warm sun, sipping cocktails and enjoying that sand between your toes pack some of that memorable sand in your baggie. You could also collect seashells or various momentos while you’re out and about. Maybe hold on to your hotel room key, a coaster you used for this amazing tropical drink, leftover local currency, matches from an island dive bar, or even the champagne cork you popped upon arrival. Just keep filling your baggie with keepsakes. When you get home write the location and year of your honeymoon on the container with either a paint pen or decals or create a tag. You can display your keepsake anywhere in your home and always remember that trip of a lifetime!


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