Who to tip and how much

Here is a quick list of people and average tip costs to keep in mind when putting together those tip envelopes….

Hairstylist and Makeup Artist 20% of the total

Ceremony Officiant (if not included in fee/donation) $50+

Alter servers & Ceremony Musicians $10-$20 each

Band or DJ $20+ per musician/ $50-$150 for the DJ

Transportation Drivers 15-20% of the total bill

*Reception Staff $50+ for each bartender & banquet captain/ $20+ for each banquet server                                *It’s going to say on your reception contract that gratuity is included, however that gratuity gets shared among all staff servicing your event. Think about how many servers are tending to your guests, how many bartenders, etc. A lot of hardworking people are making your reception seamless and memorable. They’ll appreciate anything additional you give them.

Reception Attendants (Bathroom and coat room attendants, valet parking staff, etc) $20+ each

Delivery and set up staff $5-$10 each

Photographer/Videographer $50+ each

Wedding Planner $100000000000…..I mean, we’re priceless! But seriously, anything additional we’re grateful for.

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