Hotel Welcome Bags

Hotel welcome bags are a great treat to get your guests excited about your wedding! As your guests check in to their hotel room, the front desk will give them this ‘welcome bag’ you’ve provided for them. Generally in a hotel welcome bag is; any pertinent info about the wedding (map, directions, shuttle pick up/drop off times, post brunch brunch info, etc), a bottle of water, a travel Tylenol packet, something salty, something sweet & mints or gum. If you’ve got guests in from out of town a great idea is to include some favorite local snacks or drinks. Even some info about local attractions they might enjoy. For example, here in Chicago I would suggest including some Garretts popcorn, Wrigley gum, any Pan Ferrara candy (lemon heads nerds, crunch bar, butterfinger…)& Frango chocolate. And we’ve got a million local breweries here so maybe a can of something from Goose Island or Two Brothers. Also, maybe both you and your fiancé have a favorite snack or love a specific treat from a local bakery. Feel free to include that as well. This is not something to get overwhelmed by or stress about so plan out your bags in advance, get your hotel rooming block list so you know how many bags to make, buy the contents, grab your bridal party and some cocktails and have a little welcome bag packing party.



Images via & Weddings by Wizard Connection


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