PSA about the importance of an RSVP


I mean seriously people?! You’ve all been asking when we’re getting engaged. Then you all start hounding me when we were getting married. I literally just got a ring put on my finger and you ask ‘when’s the big day?’ And now we’ve picked the day, are in the thick of planning this wedding, invitations are sent and YOU can’t remember to RSVP?! I mean come on. There’s more prompt replies to my nephew’s 3rd birthday party at a bowling alley then there is to my frickin wedding. And I provided a self addressed stamped envelope for you. I know you’re coming by the way. You already told my mom you booked your hotel room.

I would love nothing more than two weeks before the biggest day of my life to stalk adults via phone or email to verify that you’re coming to my wedding. That wedding that we’ve been talking about for a year. Maybe just show up, I mean there’s tables and chairs at the reception, right?. It’s not like I have to pre pay for meals or organize seating or anything. Oh, and to you that then brought a ‘guest’ that wasn’t invited….thank you…that’s just great. I’d love nothing more than to be on the dance floor with a drunk girl whose drinks I paid for and I have no clue who she is. Awesome .

Moral of the story…..RSVP people. It’s not hard and it’s extremely appreciated.

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