Reception Seating Chart Trick

Organizing your seating chart for your wedding can be really overwhelming. A trick  to simplify this dreaded process is to create a large visual board. All you need is a poster board or paper plates and post it strips.  You can either draw large circles on a poster board or use paper plates to start. Write the reception table number in each circle on the poster board or inside each paper plate. Then using post it strips, write each guests name on each strip. You’ll then place the strips on the corresponding table number. This will give you a visual of who is seated at which reception table. And then as guests RSVP you can move them around from circle or paper plate as needed. You can even go as far as to color coat your post it strips. I.E. pink is the bride’s family, blue is the groom’s family, yellow is friends and orange is work friends. Some people work great with a spread sheet, some need to visualize the seating chart process. If what you’re currently doing isn’t working for you just try using this simple trick. Don’t stress, simplify.



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