“The Weddings Unfiltered wedding planners saved my life”….

…..said……ok, no one actually said this BUT we could definitely save you from the wedding planning process! Why be the over stressed bride when you can be the stress free bride that hired the wedding planner. (Insert smart thinkin bride).

The great thing about our wedding planning services, other then our combined years of experience and no BS approach, is that we can assist you with any or all of your wedding planning. You can call us three days after you get your bling ring to get you on a timeline, you can reach out to us after you’ve booked all your vendors to get you organized, or you can call us the week of your wedding to put together your day of logistics. No matter where you’re at in the wedding planning process we’re here to help. Our services are customized to fit your needs.

For more information or answers to your everything wedding questions feel free to contact us. Just click on  ‘contact us’ on our websites main menu. We’d love to get you back on track to be the best bride you can be!


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