Wedding Gift Ideas for your Parents

Lots of brides and grooms ask us ‘what should we get our parents as a wedding gift?’ Our answer is always the same, ‘All they want is grandchildren.’

But on a serious note they don’t really care what you give them. They just want you to be happy and healthy. Truly. Of course, you still want to do something for them, I get it. We see a lot of jewelry with sentimental messages for the moms and lots of watches with sweet notes gifted to dads. Another idea is to coordinate with your wedding photographer and have wedding photo albums made for your parents. You could have your photographer take a picture of you and your spouse holding photos of your parents wedding pictures. Then you give that to them in a cute frame. Or, we’ve even had some couples present their parents with a hotel stay and restaurant gift card. Often it’s the same hotel your wedding room block is in. It gives them an additional day, post wedding, to unwind, relax and reminisce. Whatever you decide don’t stress about it. They’ll love whatever you give them as a wedding gift.


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