Happy National Social Media Day

In honor of social media day today, I’m going to ask you to do something crazy. I’m going to ask you to have an unplugged wedding. I know, I know. You can’t wait to update your status, emotion and even change your name on nine different apps on your phone. And you paid someone to come up with a wedding hashtag that you love. But look at this picture. See that photographer’s picture? That professional photographer’s picture you paid pretty good money for to document your wedding day? They can’t photo shop out every person holding up their camera or phone taking your picture in their pictures.


Now, no need to 100% ditch the hashtag and have people turn in their cameras at the door. But, maybe have them unplug for some of the wedding. I’m seeing more and more signs like the below at weddings because of all the pictures people are getting like the above from their photographers. Just a thought….


Images from Pinterest.com

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