Mix & Matched Bridesmaids Dresses

Im a pretty type A, OCD kind of person. So, for a wedding I do like a structured bridesmaid dress. Like, everyone wearing the same thing. However, I am really starting to love this mix & match bridesmaid dress trend. You know why? Because it looks random but it’s totally not. It’s all pre planned! And I do love a plan….duh, Im a wedding planner. As the bride you’ve already selected your color scheme and then you give each of your bridesmaids their dress mission; color, hue, length or pattern. Then your bridesmaid accepts their mission and goes and finds a dress…on their own…without you. Genius! What a great way to delegate a task. No stress on you. Let your bridesmaid find their own dress. And then, dare I say it, they might even wear it again after your wedding.


Images via Pinterest.com

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