Llama llama, wedding drama?

You’re probably thinking WTF. But, you’d be surprised how many people either rent exotic animals for their weddings or include their own pets. When incorporating animals in to your wedding I want you to remember two things.

One, animals are unpredictable. No matter how well trained, domesticated, etc. their behaviors can not be predicted. Has your beloved 10 year old dog ever been forced to wear a cummerbund and a bow tie and walk down an aisle surrounded by a 100 people? Probably not. Did that camel you ordered have a bumpy ride on the way to your ceremony in it’s hot trailer and now it’s pist off? Maybe. Bottom line, unpredictable.

Two, hire or delegate an attendant or wrangler for the animals. This person is solely dedicated to taking care of the animal before, during and after whatever you’re utilizing them for at your wedding. If you hire an exotic alpaca, obviously it’s owner isn’t going to just drop it off and pick it up later. Rental animals come with an attendant. But, if you have to have your cats at your reception, well, you’re going to need someone to watch them and take care of them. Not check on them periodically, but more like babysit them.

Animals require special attention on your special day, so keep that in mind.


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