Winter Wedding Tip

Are you getting married here in the Chicagoland area in the winter around the holidays? Then a great tip is to find out if your ceremony and reception venue spaces decorate for the holidays and to play off of that decor.

Some questions you’ll want to ask would be…..

1. Do you decorate for the holidays?

2. What are the decorations and where are they in the venue?

3. What is the color scheme of the decorations?

4. When are the decorations put up and when are they taken down?

5. Can you use their decorations for your event or are they removed for weddings?

6. Can you remove the decorations for your event? Is there a labor fee to take down the decorations?

These are great questions to ask because it can save you money on decor. For example, maybe the church you’re getting married at places garland on the pews or floral arrangements on the altar. Then you won’t need to purchase altar arrangements but choose to add some bows to the pews. Maybe your venue wraps the columns in your room with white lights or adorns all the doorways with decorated garland. Then you won’t need to provide additional lighting, just small floral table arrangements and votive candles. Before you move forward with your design find out what will already be there. The less you have to spend on decor the better. And they may have a color scheme that you can work with!


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