Cake Math

I personally don’t really ‘do’ math, but I sure as hell will do cake! Below is a cake ratio cheat sheet I found on Pinterest. Your venue/bakery will help you determine how much cake you actually need to feed dessert to all of your guests.

A few helpful hints……

1. Not everyone will eat cake

2. Make each tier if cake a different flavor

3.  You can serve the cake table side of set pieces out by a coffee station and/or sweets table

4. If you’ve negotiated a sweets table you probably don’t need a ton of cake, so plan on ordering a cake for half of your guest total

5, If you’re Italian and already have a non-negotiable huge sweets table going…..nix the cake. Or make only the top tier of the cake real. The other layers can be decorated styrofoam or heavy cardboard. Your guests will never know.

6. Serve the entire cake. Ask your venue to save two Mr & Mrs slices and take those home…..or eat them wasted at 2am. Do you really need the entire top tier? Plus, most bakeries will provide you with an individual replica wedding cake on your one year anniversary.

7. You don’t like cake? Then nix it totally. There’s a lot of great desert options out there. Sweets table, donuts, pies, cupcakes, candy station, etc. My husband and I loved ice cream cake. So, for our wedding, we got ourselves a small Dairy Queen ice cream cake to cut ( and then we ate it with wedding guests at the hotel bar at 3am). We served cupcakes to our guests. And now, every year on our anniversary we get DQ. Bottom line….you do you.



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