Engaged + Wedding Planning doesn’t have to equal stress! Here’s a quick checklist- 8-10 months before the wedding.


8-10 Months Out

Now that you have had time to enjoy your engagement (hopefully) and have selected your venue, it is time  to start booking vendors. Around the 8-10 month  mark is when you want to secure your reception entertainment, florist, and photographer.

Weddings Unfiltered will provide you with a list of questions to ask each vendor so that you can stay on track and find the best one for you!

You’ll also want to start dress shopping, which can be a super fun and emotional activity you do with your closest and soon to be (in-laws) closest family members and bridal party. Grab some champagne, maybe some tissue and say yes to that dress!

Remember to try on all different styles even the ones you never would think. You’d be surprised what you actually choose.

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Wedding Gown Style Chart:


Another amazing activity you’ll do 8-10 months out is register! HELLO!!! Who doesn’t want to create some amazing wish list of everything you and your fiancée want and someone magically just buys these items for you!?

If you are having your reception at a unique location and you are responsible for providing all of the rental items, such as, tables, glassware, lines, chairs…etc, this is the time you will want to start researching all of this.

Check out the tablecloth guide below for the size of tablecloth as well as how many people can fit around each table size.


Here is a simple checklist to keep you organized!

8-10 Month out checklist:

               Book your entertainment

               Book your florist

               Book your photographer

               Start dress shopping


               Examine the need for additional insurance

               Contract rental items needed

               Start thinking about the kind of food you want at your wedding

               Reserve accommodations (block rooms) for out-of-town guests

To purchase your copy of Weddings Unfiltered click the link below!

Weddings Unfiltered



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